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Carrie Day Film
with Creative Ensemble

Here for All of Us

Creative Ensemble describes the vital philosophy of the way I work with film, creativity and the theatre of life!  Quantum and pluralistic in nature, here is a way of creating and space holding that considers the many realmed theatre, whilst prioritising aligned and inclusive practice. 

Becoming Geese 

An ethos for the times

Geese are the metaphorical symbol for the movement as geese take it in turns to lead, create a V shape to bring optimum power to the ones in front and honk loundly to encourage one another on. 

Creative Ensemble is built on the premise of together developing a positive culture for filmmaking.  Utilising the researched model for pluralistic counselling and incorporating systemic story constellation practice an innovative, collaborative and mind-opening space is devised for creative storytelling.  

Parallel Realms Clip
Carrie Day Director and Producer
Parallel Realms roof scene

01 Story Rumbler

4 session set

'Creative Development'

02 Story Rumbler 

'Script Exploration through Constellation Practice' workshop day

You can also hire me for a day with your film group!

03 Story Rumbler

'Script Writers 


04 Story Rumbler

'Collaborative practice' mentoring for directors, producers 

and workshop leaders


Carrie Day

Carrie works with the approach that human activity is living research. Nothing is absolute.  We are co-creators, bringing our stories to influence and interact with wider mythical stories.  With a listening and attentive approach, there are  possibilities to change realities.  The camera lens and group process will bring through a new living mythology for these times.  

"Life is Research"




 Bring yourself and something for bringing healing to to our 1 hour free session

Friday 7 June 6 pm - 7.30 pm UK time

Come along to try out the work!




You may also choose (no pressure) to go on to the Module 1 of the Constellation course or try out some sessions with me or pick up the new filmmaker and actor constellation training - all have reductions if paid before 30 May. I will be available for half an hour after the class for any questions. 

Story Practitioner 3: 
"It is Written in the Stones"

Reduction until 9 June


Constellation Practitioner Foundation Year (online)

Commences 30 May - 14 June 2024

The Constellation Practitioner course enter its second run!

Part 1 is completely online.  Reductions until 9 June! 

Part 2 will run as 3 X 4 day workshops at Kilgour House, Falkland from 1 March 2025 - dates to be confirmed.

The Foundation year is set out as a work book.  It has a series of zoom classes through the year which are run to suit the group. It includes 8 individual healing/mentor sessions.

The first meeting is around 30 May, but you can join within a collecting period up to 14 June or until the course is full. 


Intro literature is available on signing up. 


Art is Shamanism

For all current Shamanic Practitioners, here is the Art is Shamanism online 5 month module that I have recently added to the 2 year training. 

We commence 30 June!

Ancestral Voices Individual work 

6 sessions

Folk Dance

This set is designed to bring through the strength and affinities of the ancestors in particular. If you are ready to have your way of being in the world and the vision you hold receive support and recognition - this could be the set for you.  It is great for getting in touch with the ancestors who you resonate with.  This aspect of the practice has been tremendous at opening up courage and flow for lots of previous clients.   The energy of unknown tribes has been known to be released.


"Carol Day is an extraordinary, innovative and gifted practitioner and teacher. She brings in the power of love, compassion and creativity to all of her work. She will take you deep into the unseen worlds and provide a rich and meaningful experience for you."


Sandra Ingerman

​Author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth

"I am mid Quads with Carol Day. It is quite breathtaking in its reach, into me, into the past, into the vast, complex field we live within. Carol is a gentle delight, dealing with ‘heavy shit’ sorry no other way to describe! with the deftest of skill and an intelligence that I can only assume she achieves by melding herself with aforementioned field. Two sessions still to go, very noticeable outcomes, feeling more safely connected with where I come from and where I am. Very grateful indeed that Carol has dedicated time to hold this learning and delivers it so gracefully." 


"Through remote sessions, Carol has helped me to understand my recent illness as a beautiful and blessed opportunity for healing and growth." 


"Felt great after the session thanks...ten feet tall in fact. Definitely felt a big piece has fallen into place. And perfect just before the move."


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