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individual work

1.  Earth Ensemble Quad

Earth Ensemble sessions can be booked in person or by Zoom.

The Earth Ensemble Wheel sessions are developed through working with the wheel as a model and and combining the constellation and systemic ritual methods introduced to me by the many brilliant constellation teachers I have trained with over the years.  These sessions are also strongly influenced by Marshall Rosenberg's work, the chair therapy work of Hal and Sidra Stone and the Pluralistic counselling training I have received.

The sessions take place within a wheel which constitutes the 4 influencing fields of:  the physical present,  the lifeline,  the ancestral banks and the mythical realm.  

These sessions have been extremely effective and have brought great positive change to people I have worked with.  

A session lasts for 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Quad (4 sessions) £320

Contact if you would like to receive details and prep questions.

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