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Tree Roots

Conversations with the plants & trees

How would you like to embark on a 12 week programme with the plants and trees coaching you along with me?


This new group online course commences 15 April 2024 with literature.  You can begin anytime before this.

We have 6 plants and 6 trees to lead you through the Spring!


As Visionary and Shamanic workers, we have deep connections with the nature realms. This course takes you into the worlds of six major plants and six major trees and sets up healing pathways of a week with each of their medicine.


There is introductory literature. The course material for the six plants begins on 15 April  The 13 weeks finish on 14 July .


There are check in points by email.


4 group zoom sessions are held by Carrie Day with other members of the training. There are two individual tree and plant constellation healing session.


The course requires approximately 2 hours per two weeks of dedicated time to follow the material and be with the plant (in body or spirit!) and to write.

£400 OR £250 REDUCED COST if paid in full by 2 April 2024

Contact for form and details.

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An excerpt from the course

Moss is amazing isn’t it?  What I love about moss is that as well as growing on trees and being such a tree lover,  it also grows on rocks and stones.  Stones have a way of expressing and communicating that is very grounding and wholesome.  Sometimes rocks hold me to the earth in a way that the soil and plants cannot reach.  I feel there is a solace and a belonging with that the spirit of stones can reach.  Moss is like a friend to the stones that can open up channels to our earthly experience. 


Moss slows us down.  It takes us into a still, moist world that seems to exist on the edges of darkness another possibilities. Whenever I am with moss, I am reminded that what I think I am in is not really what life is about.  In the shadow and the shade, moss resides, ready to take us down to a whole new level of consciousness.

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