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Carrie Day Film

Here for All of Us

Welcome to my website! Carrie Day Film is a website which shares the creative philosophy of the way I work with film, creativity and life. Quantum and pluralistic in nature, it introduces a way of creating and space holding which chooses aligned and inclusive practice.

'Life is Research'

Carrie Day

Film making is the main content of this site.  Carrie works with the approach that human activity is living research. Nothing is absolute.  We are co-creators in a wider universe, bringing our stories to influence and interact with wider mythical stories.  With a listening and attentive approach, there are  possibilities to change realities.  The camera lens and group process will bring through a new living mythology for these times.  

Have a look at the film making page for essays and films that show this process.  If you are interested in collaborating with Carrie or supporting the work she helps to represent, she would love to hear from you!

In the Creative Ensemble element of the work, you can join trainings and sessions to experience the power, connection and transformative qualities of the space holding practice.  This is developed through extensive training and experience in counselling, education, constellation therapy and shamanism. You can also purchase one of the books below to work through an individual programme.

10 & 11 May 2024

Saviour's Studios,
Govan, Glasgow

Film screenings,
symposium and


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Story Rumbling

New development sessions for individuals and groups!

Parallel Realms Clip
Parallel Realms roof scene
Carrie Day Director and Producer

Are you a filmmaker or writer who would like to explore and clear some creative blocks? Or are you someone who is simply looking to investigate your personal story to bring more clarity and easy living?

Carrie Day has spaces to work with people over the next months. Counselling, supervision, constellation and story practitioner skills are all brought through.  This work has been deeply transformational and liberating for people!

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Books by Carrie Day

Shamanic Dreaming
Trees are our Letters
Story Compass
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