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Being Time

Time has been something else recently. Like I haven't really been living in time. I have been existing in a place beyond it. I have been cajoling, wishing, threading and bending time. It feels like I have been anything but living consciously in it, but then maybe where I have been has been existing in a heightened level of consciousness. I guess this is the creative process in intense projects. I don't think I would like to stay in the place I have been in for too long. It hasn't been the most grounded of states and I have missed noticing all those living aspects of life like feeling the trees as they channel the seasons and watching the birds and creatures that appear. The only creatures I have noticed have been a single snail and three slugs that crept in through the cat flap and reminded me to feel the earth beneath me as I make new pathways. But I do think as I return to my senses, that the journey out has been worth it and I have discovered a lot. And I think about Mercury now and my journey between the two retrogrades.

I exit the final term of the degree I have been taking for the past two years. As I look back now, two days after submitting the final files, I think this is why art is so powerful, because when we operate as dreamers to makers and liaise with others in the process of it, we weld with time and a kind of magic is born through whatever we all touch.

On Wednesday I am looking forward to falling into the arms of Mercury Retrograde and with a group of fellow researchers finding out what the Virgo Mercury led retrograde will teach each of us and show us about the way of art, the way of healing, the way of time.

There are 2 spaces left on the 3 week Mercury Retrograde journey - we start this Wednesday night (23/08/23)

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