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Fairy Lights

Ancestors & Archetypes 

12 week online double module Constellation training

Here are two online modules for the Constellation Foundation Material.  You will need to have basic knowledge of constellation practice to attend. Both modules must be taken together for the £100 off Day of the Dead offer of payment on or before 1 November 

2 courses at £400

Dates Tuesdays 5 - 7 pm UK Time


14 Nov

21 Nov

5 Dec

12 Dec

19 Dec

9 Jan


16 Jan

23 Jan

30 Jan

6 Feb

13 Feb

20 Feb




- Ancestors, Loyalty and Conscience


- Ancestors and Masculine and Father lines


- Ancestors and Mother lines


6 X 2 hour zooms


Students will leave this module with:


Ancestors, Loyalty and Conscience


  • appreciating the power of ancestral influence and the pulls to what is hidden in the lines

  • seeing the gravity of place of loyalty out of love to what is not acknowledged and the conscience in soul

  • learning the gestalt model of unfinished business and the theories of Perl Fritz and subsequent gestalt therapists

  • being able to map a range of constellation teachers and their approaches with this work and suggesting a book reading/video watching/podcast listening list

  • an examination into authority and looking at loyalties within own life and exploring the family field through models to be able to track the pulls of these loyalties 

  • being abler to introduce standard phrases for handing back loyalties, releasing conscience and choosing own way


Ancestors and Masculine and Father lines


  • the basic premises of the father lines and the connection to land, place, visibility and stability

  • time exploring the way of the father and the male

  • time looking at the missing men and the effects of illegitimate birth

  • appreciating the power of the name and the effects of the wrong name

  • the importance of allowing the following of the male to the belonging with land 

  • examining masculinity and the place of the masculine and its influence on the ability to move forwards with support

  • looking at the place of the masculine in nature and the way of the masculine

  • introduction to case study form for personal work.


Ancestors and Mother lines


  • awareness of the basic premises of the mother lines and the relationship of the mother to creativity, work and sacrifice

  • time looking at child birth, trauma, still birth, miscarriage, abortion and adoption and their influence on a family field

  • examination of femininity and the place of the feminine and its influence on the ability to be creative, receptive, nurtured and to receive

  • exploration of the way of the mother and the female. 

  • beginning to look at the place of the feminine in nature.



Module 5 



West  The Place of Myth


- The Medicine of deep listening


- Archetypal forces


-  Nature Realms


Students will leave this module with:


The Medicine of deep listening


  • an understanding of the person-centred model of counselling and the pluralistic model of counselling that understands that there are many ways for many people

  •  understanding of empathy and the importance of bringing in empathic resonance

  • introduction to the shamanic diagram of the wholeness template as a provider of this resonance by accessing archetypal chords through story fields is introduced

  • the bringing in of ‘Pillars of light’ as bearers of the qualities of deep listening and meeting of needs

  • bringing in of Marshall Rosenberg’s model of NVC and the feelings and needs model and the Way of the West (Wheel) model of feelings and needs

  • provision of a list of feelings and needs.

  • instruction and demonstration of empathic listening and space holding to be followed for Earth Ensemble work

  • opportunity to explore the power of deep listening individually,  with resonant stories (a vat of story material is provided) and by telling their story to something in nature as a listener


Archetypal forces


  • understanding the archetypal forces and their origins

  • provision of a time map from the ‘beginning of existence’ and the ethos of inclusivity where we are able to view ourselves as elemental in nature and access the power of the elements within ourselves as human

  • being introduced to the world of myth and the place of myth as housing the archetypal strengths accessible to the human

  • seeing how myth strengthens us and how it has the capacity to heal

  • an ability to relate to the different archetypes of gods and goddesses through different systems of spiritual traditions

  • seeing that belief systems can divide and the importance of allowing all ways to have equal states of belonging

  • setting up a constellation exploring belief systems within own family system and places of living

  • mapping key deities and spiritual forces that hold power for an individual

  • learning or deepening journeying methods with drum, drumming track or rattle to access the realm of the archetypal and mythical more easily

Nature Realms


  • openness to the nature realms and the way of maximum health as being in tune with the natural flow of nature

  • being able to map nature as a cycle and a wheel of creative flow with seasons and other cycles

  • being introduced to may different maps of cycles and exploring how one relates to their flow

  • examination of areas of weakness or strength in the wheel of creativity and the times of year

  • being introduced to the archetypal wheel as an expression of different times of the cycle and creative flow

  • ability to set up the archetypal wheel as a model and use maps to feel the archetypes and bring in openings using mats or words and reflector cards for Pillars of light to allow reconnection

  • time on a short visionary quest out in nature to begin to familiarise self with the practice of allowing the natural world to be a balancer and a guide

  • being able to read info on the wavelengths and being able to see the alpha wavelength of nature being closer to our natural state

Contact for form and details


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