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for filmmakers


Here are the new  supervision spaces for filmmakers of all types and in different roles - a space to go to be heard in the heart of the creative process, to be held space for, to have a focused time for resourcing and exploration of themes.  Carrie Day is a trained counsellor and supervisor with thirty years of holding space for people of all ages in creative process.

Monthly Supervision sessions

The creative process can be tough - especially as the environment we work in makes us push ourselves which is counteracting to creative process. I bring my counsellor, supervision, constellation therapy and practice as an artist/writer/filmmaker to provide spaces to support the creative process. 

I offer supervision as a specialised form of mentoring.  The supervision I hold follows the codes of COSCA and the Ethical framework provided by BACP.  These guidelines are in place to safeguard practitioners to ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning, stimulate creativity, and support the sustainability and resilience of work being undertaken with a client. 

At its most simplistic, supervision means to oversee another individual.  The Supervision I oversee, offers a confidential, empathic, compassionate, encouraging and reflective space in which you as a practitioner can develop and grow awareness for your practice.  This benefits the safety of the clients you work with.  One of the main reasons for supervision is to ensure the provision of a space which is safe for your client on all levels.  I too have supervision that ensures I hold a safe space for you and your clients.  All aspects of your practice are open to supervision.

Please request the introductory form. After sending this back to me I will email you a copy of the contract which we will have a look at in the free 45 minute meeting, before we both agree to move forwards with supervision.   You will need to sign two copies and send them back before the sessions commence. I will send one of the signed copies back to you with my signature. 

Cost £50 1 hour / £70 90 minutes

Contact for details and to book

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