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carrie day and creative earth ensemble film making approach

as I write in April 2022

The practice has been developed with an understanding of the power of initiation, the potency of chaos and its importance in the cycle of life and creative openings.  Through her own journey, Carrie walks the path of the visionary, experiencing the edges of human perception that are in some cultures known as the shamanic death.  She sees her role as an artist bringing through the stories and imprints  of the mythical back into this realm.  She also carries the role of educator and writer about these experiences. She holds the desire to work alongside others who share this calling. 

Carrie is author of the books Wheel, Drum, Story Compass, Trees are our Letters and Shamanic Dreaming.  Creative Ensemble was visioned through her practice as an Artist, Writer, Shamanic Teacher, Constellation Therapist, Counsellor and Educator.  Gestalt in its methodology and holding understanding that return to circle is key to the healing of these times, Creative Ensemble builds a theatre of new possibilities in these times.

It is Carrie's belief that through adhering to the pulse of guidance and the unfolding path of each of our lives, templates of inclusivity and flow can be reinstated in our world.  This is the essence of Creative Ensemble.  

She would love to hear from you if you share this vision. 

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