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Restoring Wholeness - The Shaman's Craft Practicing at the heart of Creativity and  Healing

NEW INTAKE - taking applications until 23 Feb 2024

                        £100 off first two payments before 30 January   

new Shamanic Practitioner online training

Innate ways - Art and Shamanism

Here is the Shamanic Practitioner training merging Art and Shamanism.  Essentially Art and Shamanism work in the same way.  They weave with a wider order and communicate through the worlds.  How powerful could we all be if we recognised fully the power and multi-world investment of each and every creative act. 

I am getting ready to take people through an online programme and a journey of discovery.  

This course insures you to be a Shamanic Practitioner working in the most creative ways, whilst working with a firm and tested bedrock of foundational practice. 

I have been teaching Creative Shamanism (I originally introduced the term to describe the way I taught this practice) since 2009.  The practice has evolved over two decades.  I am an Artist (M Fine Art) who is passionate about education (PGCE). I have taught in mainstream, Steiner, Montessori and outdoor environments. I am a psychotherapist (MSc Pluralistic counselling).  I have trained with a range of spiritual and shamanic teachers who you can see listed in my Bio.  My recent return to art and film making has opened my eyes to a new way of opening up this practice.

Restoring Wholeness the Shaman's Craft was the title of my  first three year trainings!  It's lovely to do a full circle and bring through a richer thread of creative practice. 

Here is the layout of the course and the timings.  For the first people who you sign up and pay before 30 January, the Module 1 is reduced by £100!

Module 1 
17 Jan - 23 Feb  start point start running through to 21 April  2024


In module 1 Foundations you will:


  • Focus on your calling and map the shamanic territory.  

    It is an exciting 4 months working with Edges, Calling and Loop material.  You set off on a Visionary Quest into your own life.  We work with initiation cycles, nature communicating, ancestor voyaging, archetype excavating and future vision scrying. You will also keep a Pathfinder journal to receive guidance on your path from the vantage point of nature, animal archetypes, sign walking, ancestral guides and the vision of the future ones.

    There are 4 group meetings and 2 individual sessions along with 4 months of course literature. 

Then you will enter Practitioner level and work with the Restoration practice.

Module 2

21 April  2024 - 30 August 2024

In Module 2 Restoration you will:


  • learn how to hold a succinct and powerful holding space

  • listen with the power of circle and the collective zeitgeist

  • cover a rationale for holding sessions in nature and with guides

  • journey with an initiation guide who will be your teacher

  • map your own initiation journeys and uncover your specialities

  • mentor another to uncover their initiatory edges and encounter healing movements

  • learn about soul healing as reconciliation

  • work with nature guides for soul healing at initiator edges

  • work with story, sound and art as a soul healing medium

  • work with soul healing for the land


This will take 4 months. You will continue to work with an Earth Whisperer project and keep notes on your Pathfinding but the path is more flowing with the practice element now.  

Then you will be apprenticing to Wholeness to uncover the craft and way in you

Module 3
30 August 2024 - 30 November 2024

In Module 3 Wholeness you will:

  • learn how to hold space with the Spirit of the Wholeness template

  • Go on outings with the Spirit of Art

  • cover a rationale for directing creative processes

  • journey with an Art guide who will be your teacher

  • map your own creativity and uncover your specialities

  • mentor another to uncover their creative styles and encounter healing movements

  • learn about  and practice with Shamanic theatre and costume

  • work with archetypes of Art to create a practice for unlocking creativity in others

  • work with story, sound and art as a spiritual practice

  • work with art projects

The Structure:


Part 1 3 months:  2 individual sessions ( 1 hour ),  4 group meetings (2 hours)

Part 2:  4 months: 8 group meetings (2 hours), 2 individual sessions, 20 case studies

Part 3: 3 months: 4 group meetings (2 hours), 2 individual sessions, 5 case studies

5 reading/film/podcast reflections

All sessions are organised to suit participants availability and are held on Zoom 


The Cost:


Part 1 £500  

Part 2  2 X £400
Part 3 1 X £500
Total:  £1800

The ability to shamanic journey is required for this course. 
Apply today send email to Carrie at

Insured by Balens

Innate Ways

Creating in a Multi-Realmed Community

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